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Why Tokenize?

Faster deal execution
Smart contracts automate the service provider functions and enable 24/7 trading
Various financial instruments
Issue and trade tokenized securities like equity, bonds or convertible securities
Larger investor base
Easier for investors globally to participate (i.e. investors in Asia to buy US companies shares)
Lower fees
Due to the elimination of middlemen and inefficiencies related to issuance and trading
Better liquidity and value
An asset with higher liquidity will be priced higher than an identical asset
Token swaps
Token holders can diversify their portfolios by trading tokenized assets with each other

Nomica Platform

Nomica allows users to tokenize securities like equity or debt and enforce regulatory requirements. It provides the tools for transactions settlement, cap table management, integrations with exchanges and KYC providers.
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Tools and integrations to create tokenized financial instruments and launch offerings
Sell issued tokens to whitelisted participants and limit the secondary trading
Dashboards to administer whitelists, liquidity pools, cap tables and transactions
A whitelabel solution is available for professional players like advisory firms and investment banks

Token Sale Widget

The token sale widget is easily embedded on a website or shared as a URL. Participants can complete the entire purchase process from the initial registration and KYC, to submitting payments using the widget. The widget can be customized to match the color scheme, font, and design of an existing website.

Smart Securities Protocol

A protocol for financial instruments on the blockchain like tokenized equity, bonds, and derivatives. Blockchain allows decentralization of financial services by simplifying interactions, lowering counterparty risks and reliance on large financial institutions.